About Ana Luque

Author of The Yogurt Diet, Ana has led the movement toward better health and weight loss through the use of probioticsthe healthy bacteria that live in the gut and are so necessary to perform many of the body’s functions, including proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  She has been a consultant and spokesperson for the probiotic and yogurt industries, and provides wellness coaching to the workforces of corporate clients.

Nutritionist, writer, wellness coach, chef, spokesperson and researcher, Ana has been featured in major media outlets as the pioneer expert in the use of yogurt and probiotics for health and weight loss.  She has worked with clients from all walks of life, including celebrities, Royal family members in Europe, corporations and top executives worldwide.

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About Ana Luque

Ana Luque, HHP, MWC is a top Nutritionist and Wellness Coach with offices in Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach.  Ana founded Salud Life Wellness Institute almost a decade ago with the mission to offer women the best holistic health care though nutrition and coaching therapies.

In her practice, Ana incorporates proven nutritional science, extensive laboratory work, coaching therapy, and Ayurveda (the Science of Life practiced in India for over 5,000 years) to achieve maximum results in the shortest time. Today,  Salud Life Wellness Institute of Beverly Hills is the top destination for nutrition counseling and wellness coaching for women, helping clients from 36 states and 24 countries.

Nutrition alone can reverse the fate of your health and genes, and transform your body and mind! 

Ana Luque is a pioneer in the concept of eating based on a person’s unique genetic make up to treat weight and disease, and prevent premature aging. Ana’s holistic approach looks at the underlying precursors that create imbalances in the body which can lead to disease; including diet, lifestyle, emotions and the gut flora.  Ana will design the appropriate protocol for each individual, based on his/hers genetic needs to assist in restoring the client’s functionality, health and complete well being.

Ana has developed a proprietary nutrition system named Nutribiotica™ (meaning, nutrition is life’s provider).  A scientifically-based and most comprehensive analysis available to give a complete assessment of your overall health, in order to identify your body's specific nutritional requirements and design a diet based on your individual genetic composition, as well as imbalances.

One’s medicine may be another’s poison.  What you eat and how it affects your health has a genetic dimension that must be examined in order to understand the unique relationship between diet and health as it pertains to every individual.

You may be surprised to learn that dietary behavior that conflicts with your genetic code can lead to a wide variety of avoidable ailments and diseases. Understanding your personal nutritional needs can help those with weight management issues, predisposition to “genetic diseases” and existing conditions, make important decisions about diet and lifestyle.

An important aspect of Ana’s unique holistic wellness and therapeutic approach is that she implements the ancient healing science of Ayurveda to determine body and mind constitution (Prakriti/Dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha), and the nature of imbalances. PROBIOTICS_BEVERLY_HILLS_WEIGHT_LOSS_%26_HEALTH.htmlBEVERLY_HILLS_NUTRITION__Weight_Loss_Gastrointestinal_Problems_BEVERLY_HILLS_NUTRITION_SYSTEM__NUTRIBIOTICA.html.htmlhttp://www.fertileseeds.com/FERTILITY_CLINIC_BEVERLY_HILLS_NUTRITION/AYURVEDA_LOS_ANGELES.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2
  1. With Ana, you will be empowered to embrace wellness as a series of choices that will dramatically improve your quality of life by modifying the way your think and feel about yourself, food and your health.

  1. Ana will assist in bringing your body into harmony with the genetic architecture nature has assigned you, helping you to look and feel great in body and mind, while enjoying your full potential through nutritional maximization and coaching.

  1. There is a natural beauty and sense of wellness in a body that is in nutritional harmony with its genetic design. Experience unbelievable physical well being and energized self confidence with Ana’s Nutrition & Wellness Coaching.

  1. A diet that’s right for your genes and body composition, based on the state of health or disease, and stage in life.

  1. Behavioral change that brings about a permanent health-conscious lifestyle.

  1. Apply therapies to cleanse, nourish and renew the various organs and tissues in the body.

  1. Bring the body to a state of balance to achieve total health.

  1. Maintain health with the appropriate diet and lifestyle.

Click to Download PDF

Click to Download PDF

Ana Luque and The Yogurt Diet featured on the special edition of La Opinion for the Mexican celebration of Cinco de Mayo 2009

Arthritis Today.  The Arthritis Foundation talks about Ana Luque on the health benefits of eating yogurt for good health.

Book Review by Barbara Cronin


Do you want to lose weight?

Improve your health?

Prevent aging or ward off the all-too-common lifestyle diseases sweeping the Western world?

The author of The Yogurt Diet, Ana Luque, feels yogurt could be your answer and may just be the best kept secret to good health.

Read more: http://www.healthynewage.com/blog/yogurt-diet-ana-luque/#ixzz17YIPJHnu

The Yogurt Diet endorsed by

Lance Armstrong & Live Strong

Ana Luque writes the featured article “Probiotics for Optimum Health and Weight” for the Well Being Journal

Ana Luque interviewed on the Spanish magazine Vivir Sin. 


Ana teaches you how to cook Paella,

the legendary Spanish dish

World Dairy Summit, Mexico City. Presenting the book The Yogurt Diet

Punta Mona, Costa Rica.

Wellness Retreat.

Salud Life, LLC.  All contents on this website are copyrighted  

Nutritionist Beverly Hills: 238 North Robertson. Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Ana is a Health and Nutrition Featured Expert on BetterSelf.com, alongside some of the most inspirational and influential names in the world of Health & Fitness.

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“I’m pregnant!  Three months working with Ana Luque is all it took to get us pregnant, after years of disappointment, three failed IVF attempts and many thousands of dollars later....”  Tracy M., 38

“Working with Ana Luque has given me the answers no one was able to give me before.  Finally, I feel great!”   Caroline S., 28

“I haven’t felt this good as long as I can remember.” Nicole T., 41

“Allergy free!  28 pounds lighter.  Living life fully.  Thank you, Ana!”  Eva L., 25  

“Pregnant with twins, naturally!  More effective than IVF.  I haven’t felt this good in 15 years.” Angie R., 42

“I lost 47 Lbs of pregnancy weight!  I put on a total of 47 Lbs with my first two pregnancies. Working with Ana, not only helped me lose all the weight-allowing me to get back into my pre-pregnancy size 6 clothes-I am now pregnant with my third child and I have gained what is considered healthy pregnancy weight by the third trimester.  I feel great!”  Amanda L., 36
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